TOP School Questions

  • 1. What time does the building open?  
    The building opens at 8:50 am for breakfast for all students. 

    2. Where can I enter the building?  
    Breakfast students may use the pavilion entrance at 8:50 am and at 9:20 am, all of the entrances will be open.  There is no supervision for students prior to 8:50 am.

    3. If I need to make a telephone call, where is the telephone? 
    There are phones in the Front Office and the Admin Office, but you must have a pass from a staff member in order to use the phone.  The phone may be used only for emergencies.

    4. If I need to ask about a problem with my schedule, what should I do?  
    You will need to contact your grade level school counselor via email.  Please note that very few changes will be honored.

    5. If I have to leave school early, what arrangements need to be made?  

    Your parent can call the Front Office in the morning to let them know, or you will need to bring a note from your parent to the Front Office first thing in the morning.  The office will give you an Early Dismissal pass to give to your teacher.  Parents, please note that proper identification is required to sign a student out of school.

    6. When I am going to be absent, what needs to be done?  
    As stated in the Parent and Family handbook, “parents and guardians are expected to notify the school when their child is absent and inform the school of the reason for the absence within twenty-four (24) hours by a written note”.  Parents can also call the Attendance Secretary at 561-470-7001 or send her an email -Kimberly Feliz

    7. If I feel sick, where do I go? 
    You will need a pass from your teacher and then you will be sent to the Clinic by Student Services.

    8.  If I am having trouble with a student or teacher, who can help me solve the problem?
    You can make an appointment to speak with either your grade level school counselor or the school behavioral health professional.

    9.  How can I make an appointment to see a school counselor?  
    Go to Student Services and fill out a “Guidance Request Form”.  You can turn it in there.

    10. If I have to take special medication, what arrangements need to be made?  
    Parents must have a “Physician’s Authorization for Medication/Treatment for Student” form (completed by a doctor) on file with the School Nurse in order for them to administer any medication to students.  Parents need to bring the medication to school.

    11. If I lose my lunch money or forget my lunch at home, what can I do?  
    See the School Counselor or Assistant Principal.  No student will be denied a lunch.