Transportation Services

  • Shane Searchwell, DirectorShane Searchwell, Director 
    Phone: (561) 242-8300
    2775 Homewood Road
    West Palm Beach, FL 33406


    Purpose and Functions

    Transportation Services consists of 1,202 employees located across six transportation facilities. Bus travel spans 2,386 square miles each day to include over 18,624 bus stops, making the total miles driven over 13.2 million miles per year.

    The department maintains 1,822 District vehicles, which include 846 school buses and 976 service vehicles. Service vehicles are operated by School Police, School Food Service, Facility Services, Information Technology, and a myriad of other District divisions and departments. All vehicle purchases and sales are coordinated through Transportation Services. In addition, the department maintains its own tire repair, body, and upholstery shops as well as a wrecker service.

    Mission Statement
    Our Mission is to deliver students safelyefficiently, and on time to their destination in a frame of mind ready to learn.