Academy of Drafting & Design

  • Academy of Drafting and Design logoDrafting & Design Academy is an NCAC/ACTE National Model Academy. Students applying to this academy must have a 2.0 GPA. The Drafting & Design Academy program offers two distinct strands to challenge students with laboratory and  curriculum which promotes the use of critical thinking and computer technology skills. The content in these programs  entrepreneurship, safety, and leadership skills. In the Drafting Strand, students employ the use of the AutoCAD Computer Aided Design software for architectural, mechanical, and 3D projects. Students also have the opportunity to obtain Industry Certifications and work with 3D printer processes. In the Communications Technology Strand, the study of the processes  technical skills found in visual technologies (conventional and digital procedures), multimedia productions, graphics, web page design, electronic media, and other emerging technologies. Instruction will be given in desktop publishing, digital duplicating, screen printing, heat transfer printing, and embroidery. Students also have the opportunity to obtain Adobe Industry Certifications as well as  skills in marketing and advertising.

    Drafting & Design Department
    Tom Hellyer
    John Steranko
    Anthony Cruz