Parking Decal & Locker Sales

  • Starting FY24 student parking will be on a first-come-first-served basis. There will no longer be assigned parking spaces.

Parking Decals & Lockers

  • *Students must be clear of all obligations to obtain a parking decal*

    Parking decals will be sold to all licensed drivers who agree to abide by the school's policy. Students need to bring a valid driver's license (No Learners Permits), vehicle registration, proof of insurance and a signed and notarized completed parking form, and $80.00 cash exact amount, or check made payable to West Boca High School. All of the above must be submitted at time of purchase in Student Services. All students park in the West student parking lot only.

    Parking Permit Form

    Lockers will also be sold for an additional $5.00 each 1 per student. Students may not purchase lockers for their friends. No sharing of lockers allowed. Please bring correct amount.

    Parking hang tags must be displayed from the rearview mirror at all times.
    The following rules are strictly enforced by school personnel

    I understand that parking at WBHS is a privilege. I hereby agree to abide by the following rules:

    1. I will park in my numbered, assigned spot only, parallel to the painted lines.
    2. Hang tag must be clearly visible and affixed to the rearview mirror.
    3. Parking in a STAFF or VISITOR spot or another student spot will result in a Saturday Detention.
    4. No parking permitted along curbs, on the grass, or anywhere else except your assigned spot.
    5. Violators for speeding or reckless driving are subject to permit suspension.
    6. Students are only allowed in the parking lot when leaving campus with a pass. Any other time without a pass is subject to disciplinary consequences.
    7. Do not attempt to take any other student off campus without permission.
    8. Insubordinate behavior directed to any member of the parking lot security staff or other students will not be tolerated.
    9. Loss of a permit is the responsibility of the permit owner. The student must purchase a new one and the fee is non-refundable or pro-rated. Continuous parking without a hang tag will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.
    10. Hang tag is not to be re-sold or given out to someone else to use. (disciplinary consequences)
    11. While security will make every effort to protect your vehicle, students must accept liability for any vandalism/theft which may occur from student to student interaction and agree not to hold WBHS responsible.
    12. Students are not allowed to use their vehicles as their lockers. You must obtain permission to enter the parking lot once school is in session.


    1st Offense - Warning / Suspension of privileges for one week
    2nd Offense - Saturday School / Suspension of privileges for one month
    3rd Offense - Total revocation of parking privileges for a year with no fee refund