School Nurse

  • Parent/Guardian Consent for School Health Services Form  

    Parents' Guide for Medications at School

    The following is required before any medication can be taken by or administered to a child on school grounds:

    1. A new Authorization for Medication/Treatment Form is required each school year and for any change to the current order during the school year.
      • The form (available in the physician's office) must be completed by the prescribing physician for all medication.
      • The form must also have a parent signature completed for medication to be administered.
    2. Prescribed and Over-the-Counter Medications:
      • Prescribed medication must be in the original container with a pharmacy label, not expired and matching the current physician's orders. When filling your prescription, request the pharmacy labels' expiration date state, "see Manufacturer's Medication Expiration Date."
      • Over the counter medication must also be in the original unopened container, not expired and labeled with the child's name.
      • All medication must be delivered to school by an adult, not your child. A medication count and co-signature for the delivery and receipt of the medication will be required.
      • A current photo of the child is required for identification purposes and will be attached to the medication record. The photo should be delivered witht the physician's order and medication.

    Please schedule visits to your child's doctor during the summer in preparation for the new school year.

    Parents need to make an appointment with the school nurse to drop off your child's medication. Call (561) 672-2046