AICE Information

  • What is AICE?

    The Advanced International Certificate of Education Diploma Program (AICE) is an innovative and accelerated method of academic study offered solely through the Cambridge Assessment International Education, a division of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom--an institution consistently ranked as one of the top five academic universities in the world.  AICE provides a flexible, broad-based curriculum that is offered worldwide at schools and colleges in over 161 countries.  For over 170 years the prestigious University of Cambridge has been setting worldwide curriculum standards through their examinations.

    Why are Cambridge courses and the AICE Diploma important?

    American universities have responded enthusiastically to AICE. Students earning the AICE Diploma currently qualify for the maximum Florida Academic Scholars tuition scholarship, and students completing the curriculum (without earning the diploma) may earn the Florida Medallion Scholars tuition award. The Florida Legislature has identified the AICE Diploma Award as a graduation option and acceleration mechanism through which students can be awarded up to 45 hours of college credit at all public universities and colleges in Florida.  

    Why should students enroll in Cambridge courses?

    The AICE Diploma Program of study at Wellington Community High School offers students one of the most demanding and rigorous college preparatory programs in the world. After completing at least one course in each of three academic areas, students have the flexibility to choose a course of study that best meets their abilities and interests. Students also have the option of taking Cambridge courses and their subsequent exams in order to earn college credits without applying for the AICE Diploma. Regardless of the option chosen, enrollment in these rigorous courses will benefit WCHS students in the college application process.

    Why is AICE preferable to IB?

    Another AICE advantage is the students’ ability to take Cambridge classes and exams at any stage in their high school career starting in ninth grade, whereas IB students are only allowed to take exams during their eleventh and twelfth grade years, respectively. AICE Diploma Program students who take exams within three years are able to position themselves for an AICE Diploma by the end of their junior year.

    Having the AICE Diploma on their resume when applying to colleges during the fall of their senior year will only help to differentiate them from other applicants, especially those who will not learn of their IB diploma status until the August after they graduate from high school when colleges have already chosen their freshmen applicants.