Access Arrangements

  • What are access arrangements?​

    Access arrangements are pre-exam accommodations made on behalf of a candidate with particular needs. The purpose of an access arrangement is to remove any unnecessary barriers to the standard assessment, without compromising the standards being tested, so that the candidate can receive recognition for their attainment. Access arrangements ensure that all candidates have equal access to exams.

    With proper documentation, Ms. Drucker can apply for accommodations called "center delegated access arrangements."
    Students must turn in their PBSD Consent Forms to their teacher or school counselor before September 16, 2022 for November Session exams and December 9, 2022 for June Session exams. 

    Center delegated access arrangements include:

    • extra time up to 25% (not permitted in syllabuses where time is the focus of the exam)
    • we will ask Cambridge's permission to give students extended time per their 504 and IEP if more than 25% is requested
    • word processor (without grammar or spell check) 
    • supervised rest breaks
    • priority seating 

    Documentation must include the PBCSD Consent Form and ONE of the following:

    • IEP or 504 updated in high school 
    • completed WCHS Access Arrangements form - pick up in guidance, Ms. Drucker, or print from below
    • evidence of a psychological assessment carried out by a qualified psychologist confirming a learning disability
    • an assessment confirming the learning disability, carried out by a specialist who holds a relevant qualification
    • medical evidence in the form of a report or letter from qualified physician

    *Note: Documentation can include 504 and IEP accommodations as long as they are updated while in high school. If your student does not meet Cambridge's criteria for accommodations above the center delegated, Cambridge may request further information such as doctor signatures from the past 12 months. If this is the case, please have your healthcare provider read and sign the additional forms, along with providing Ms. Drucker with all requested follow-up documentation and reports.

    ​Students with proper documentation (IEP, 504, or official physician/psychologist recommendation), as outlined on the following forms, must have the necessary forms below filled out by a professional and return them to  Ms. Drucker by September 16, 2022 for November Series and January 14, 2023 for June Series.

    See Ms. Drucker in the AICE office, room 2-110, with any questions.

    Please See The Documents Below For Accommodation Requests

    Click here to download the School District Accommodations Request Form

    Click here to download the Cambridge Assessment Access Arrangements Form

    Click here to download a template AICE Access Arrangements Request Form