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  • Registration FAQ for Dr. Joaquín García High School

    Question: I am currently a student in Palm Beach County School District and I am zoned for Dr. Joaquín García High School. Do I need to come and register?

    Answer: No, you will automatically be rolled over to Dr. Joaquín García High School in our student database. 

    Question: I am currently at a private school or charter school and I am zoned for Dr. Joaquín García High School. How can I come and register at your school?

    Answer: For a registration appointment, please contact us by or call 561-851-5408. Please make sure to have all documents filled out and proof of address ready for submission. (Refer to the registration checklist for more details). Registrations for the school year 2024-2025 will open in late spring of 2024. 

    Question: I no longer live at the address in SIS and my new address is zoned to Dr. Joaquín García. How can I change my address so I can attend Dr. García High? 

    Answer: You will have to change your address with the current school you are at. Once the address is changed in the system, your student will roll over to our school. Please follow up with an to make sure the roll over has occurred in the spring of 2024.


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