Choice Academies

  • Literary and Fine Arts

    The students will intensely focus on a chosen art area. The program challenges students to achieve a high standard of artistic professionalism, literary understanding and analysis, and academic excellence in their artistic concentration. Exposure to professional artists, performances, and the opportunity to travel internationally and domestically will provide students with insight into historical works of art while providing inspiration for their own creative endeavors.

    Students may apply to one (or two) of the following Literary and Fine Arts programs: 

    Literary and Fine Arts-Instrumental
    Literary and Fine Arts-Theatre
    Literary and Fine Arts-Visual
    Literary and Fine Arts-Vocal
    Literary and Fine Arts-Writing & Literature


    The Pre–Finance program is designed to give middle school students an opportunity to learn about and prepare for college or careers in business and finance. Emphasis is placed on a college preparatory curriculum that is directly linked to the financial industry. Students participate in mentorships and career shadowing experiences that link the resources of business, economics, and finance to the students’ education. Specialized courses in finance are required.