Exam Results

  • Retrieving Results

    Each exam series, students receive a form with their personal credentials for logging in to access exam scores. 

    Understanding scores: Letter grades of "a" through "e" are passing scores. "Ungraded" means a student did not earn enough points to pass the exam.
    For the AICE Diploma: Scores of D, M, and P are PASSING diploma marks (D = with distinction, M = with merit, P = pass).

Exam Results FAQ

  • My score says ungraded, what does that mean?

  • Is it necessary to take a retake for all failed exams?

  • Can parents request a re-score?

  • Does a student need to retake the class if they received an ungraded result?

  • How do I know if I'm on track for the AICE Diploma?

Transcript Requests

  • Cambridge International is pleased to announce that their new online Grade Transcript Service for US students is now live and available on our website. The easy to follow, 4-step, online process will allow students who take Cambridge exams in the US to directly, through a self service experience send Cambridge transcripts to US institutions quickly and securely.

    Visit the online Grade Transcript Service.

    To send grade transcripts to US institutions, students must set up a Cambridge online account using their name and email address, and then complete the grade transcript form. Your students will need the following information:

    • Student’s name, date of birth, and email address
    • A picture of a student’s valid ID (e.g., passport, birth certificate, state-issued driver’s license, permit, or official ID)
    • Exam series, center name or number, and candidate number (optional)
    • Institution(s) where they wish to send grades

    US students and families can send grades from one or more exam series to up to six US institutions in a single transcript order. Students who wish to send transcripts to more than 6 institutions can submit the form again. Only passing grades from selected exam series will be reported to institutions. 

    Students who need assistance, or are unable to complete the online grade transcript form, should contact customer service by email at info@cambridgeinternational.org or by phone at 917-810-2660 (toll free, open 24 hours from Saturday 8 pm to Friday 7:59 am, Eastern Time).