Exam Accommodations

  • What Are Access Arrangements?

    "Access arrangements" are pre-exam accommodations made on behalf of a candidate with particular needs. The purpose of an access arrangement is to remove any unnecessary barriers to the standard assessment, without compromising the standards being tested, so that the candidate can receive recognition for their attainment. Access arrangements ensure that all candidates have equal access to exams.

    Cambridge requires medical/professional recommendations be documented (dated within 36 months of the exam) and be on file on campus. They require us to hold documentation showing that a professional has made a recommendation for extra time on an exam and that the student's disability is a significant barrier to assessment. They are looking for documentation that outlines that very specifically. 
    • If a student has a 504 plan established at the school, the documentation that supports the 504 must be dated within the last three years
    • If a student has an IEP, the documentation should also be updated with annual meeting documentation/notes regarding the need for the accommodation.

    Cambridge allows students with supportive documentation to receive extra time. If a student would like to request MORE than 25%, that student must meet one of the following criteria:
    1. multiple disabilities
    2. severe physical handicaps
    3. blindness 
    In very rare instances, additional time above 25% may be approved. 

    After an online application is received, we will pull the documentation we have on file to determine the approval of extra time. If you would like to provide additional documentation, that should be done before February 1. By the end of February, you will be notified whether or not your application was approved or denied.