Environmental Science and Field Research Choice Academy

  • The Environmental Science and Field Research program meets the needs of students wishing to pursue an academic curriculum with an emphasis on research and environmental studies. Students explore and evaluate the many challenges related to local, regional, and global environments. All students are involved in a learning–through–discovery approach, developing research and thinking skills. Field studies, as well as a variety of current technologies, are utilized throughout the programs. Ecosystem restoration, water–related problems, agricultural awareness, field research, and sustainability in the 21st century are some of the issues students investigate.

    Why Environmental Science?

    The Environmental Science and Field Research Academy provides a core selection of courses for each grade level; environmental service projects with area agencies, instruction in field study skills, data collection technique and training, environmental outreach, college classes, research project development and implementation, teamwork and leadership training and career information seminars. JERFSA provides extensive opportunities for field-based research, special training in the environmental sciences (ecology, marine biology, conservation management and geology), developing career skills through practical experience, internships, and independent study, and instilling the knowledge and skills to become responsible and productive world citizens. The Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy is dedicated to educating students with the knowledge and understanding of leadership in a new, more environmentally responsible era and with field skills that will open doors into a growing field of environmental careers.

    Required Courses

    • 9th Grade: Environmental Science Honors; Pre-AICE Environmental Management; AICE Marine Science AS
    • 10th Grade: Biology Honors; Chemistry Honors; AICE Marine Science A level
    • 11th Grade: AICE Environmental Management; Experimental Research 4 Honors
       OR 4 dual enrollment courses (2 per semester, on the JHS campus)
    • 12th Grade: 2 dual enrollment courses (1 per semester, on JHS campus)
       OR Advanced Placement Physics 1
       OR Executive Internship


    The Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy (JERFSA) at Jupiter High has had students accepted to present their research at several local and international professional conferences.  They were the only high school students found worthy of competing among college graduates and undergraduates from around the world.  Students' final evaluations were performed by professionals in the field through a one-on-one questioning segment.

    The students ranging from sophomores to seniors conducted independent research projects for over a year with local universities, colleges, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, state parks, and national refuges.  They focused on invasives, surface water, groundwater, and drinking water health and the resultant effects on humans and our local environment at large.  Chemical analysis was run at a local BSLII laboratory. Truly a community effort.

    JERFSA Students at Professional Conferences

    List of Professional Conferences

JERFSA Field Studies 9th & 10th Grades

  • 9th Grade Field Studies

    Jonathan Dickinson State Park– Intro to Field Studies
    Solid Waste Authority of PBC– Waste Management Issues
    J.D. MacArthur Beach State Park– Estuary EcoStudy
    Jonathan Dickinson State Park– Pinelands and Scrubs EcoStudy
    J.D. MacArthur State Beach Park– Tropical Hammock EcoStudy
    Coral Cove Park– Coastal Investigation
    J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area– Overnight JERFSA Outdoor Experience

    10th Grade Field Studies

    Enviroservice– 6 Rotations that include:
    Water quality testing on the Loxahatchee River with the Inlet River District Scientist
    JILI– Jupiter Inlet/Loxahatchee River Initiative Fish Survey
    Bureau of Land Management’s Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area
    Palm Beach County’s Department of Environmental Resource Management
    Grassy Waters Preserve– Watershed Explorations
    Marinelab in Key Largo– Florida Reefs Intensive exploring coral reef ecology, biodiversity, and reef fish identification

JERFSA Field Studies 11th & 12th Grades

  • 11th Grade Field Studies

    Jupiter Industrial Park– Loxahatchee River District Wastewater Plant Tour
    Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge– Wetland Investigations
    Everglades National Park– Everglades Intensive
    FAU Riverwoods Field Lab on the Kissimmee River– K-O-E Kissimmee-Okeechobee-Everglades Restoration Studies

    12th Grade Field Studies

    Cypress Creek Natural Area– Habitat Reclamation
    Riverbend Park– Loxahatchee River Canoe Expedition
    FAU—High Ropes Challenge Course
    Florida Caverns State Park– Florida Caverns Intensive
    Senior Seminars– Educational and Career-oriented topics presented and discussed with industry professionals