Horticulture In-House Academy

  • The Horticulture program provides course work in a variety of agricultural and horticultural areas. The program operates a working nursery as well as upgrading and maintaining planted areas around campus. Students develop skills and knowledge in areas such as plant identification, forestry practices, and animal husbandry. Each student is required to create and complete a horticultural project as well as community service activities.

    Why the Horticulture Academy?

    The Horticulture Academy offers course work in the plant science and horticulture industry using both printed materials and a very hands-on approach. Students utilize our on-campus landscape nursery lab, including the workshop, greenhouse, shade house and hydroponic systems. Their experience also includes a palm tree specimen lab and an off-campus research fruit grove. Students learn not only to identify plant species but best practices for growing them. Through their industry certification preparation with the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association, students learn about this growing industry as well as the college and career opportunities. Students may earn up to 6 college credits with a successful industry certification outcome. Students also learn the entrepreneurial aspects of the industry as they participate in the plant sales on-campus.

    Required Courses and Industry Certifications

    9th Grade: Agriscience Foundations (*counts as Science Elective credit)
    10th Grade: Introduction Horticulture 2
    11th Grade: Horticulture Science 3
    12th Grade: Horticulture Science and Services 4

    Additional Courses for CTE Completion Certificate
    Horticulture Science and Services 5
    Horticulture Science and Services 6

    Industry Certifications
    Agriculture Associate Certificate
    Certified Horticulture Specialist