Exam Dates

  • 2023 April-June Timetable

    ALL Cambridge exams will be given in person with no make-up exams. The deadline to register for an exam is February 10, 2023. The school will cover the fees for all exams related to classes in which students are currently enrolled. Retakes for an AS Level or A Level exam cost $130 (excluding Global Perspectives).  Re-Application for the AICE Diploma Costs $140. ​Juniors and Seniors who qualify for their AICE Diplomas will be registered automatically in the June 2023 test session as long as they are also sitting for one Cambridge exam during that session.

    Students wishing to sign up for additional exams must pay $130 per additional exam via School Cash Online before the end of the school year. Students wishing to re-apply for the AICE Diploma must pay $140 before the end of the year. 

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