• Kindergarten Staggered Start

    Many elementary schools in Palm Beach County utilize a staggered start entrance for Kindergarten students. This permits teachers to meet their students in smaller groups over the first three days of school. This allows the students to meet their teacher, classmates, and school in a much smaller setting, which will help ease the transition for many students who may feel nervous or worried about beginning school. Your child will come to school on one of the first three days and then return to school on Thursday, August 15th, with the entire class.

    How will I be notified about the staggered start?

    Your child's teacher will contact you by telephone on August 8th to introduce themselves and provide a date for your child to start.

    Kindergarten Start and Return dates are as follows:

               Start                                                  Return
    Monday, August 12th                           Thursday, August 15th
    Tuesday, August 13th                           Thursday, August 15th
    Wednesday, August 14th                     Thursday, August 15th