Pre-Service Program

  • Program Description
    The Pre-Service Program involves a number of stakeholders including college students preparing to become educators, classroom teachers who supervise the college students, school site administrators (Educator Support Program or ESP Contacts), college/university educators who help prepare future teachers, the college/university placement coordinators, and the District Pre-Service Specialist who places future teachers in local schools for hands-on learning experiences. For more information regarding the categories or classification of Pre-Service Students, please click here.

    Student Interns, Practicum & Field Observation District Clearance Process

    Badge Process - All Pre-Service Students must complete the School District of Palm Beach County Badge Process:

    Pre Service Badge & Drug Screening
    Fingerprinting information
    PBSD 1817 Staff Development Experience/Internship Checklist
    PBSD 1456 Background Information Check
    PBSD 2280 Individual Identification (ID) Badge Renewal

    Drug Screening Process - All Interns must complete the School District of Palm Beach County Drug Screening Process:

    Pre Service Badge & Drug Screening

    Forms to have prepared when you arrive on your assigned campus:

    Pre-Service Student Information Packet

    Pre-Service Contact Information
    Laura Krielow Davis, HR Specialist II
    (561) 649-6891

    Other Placements

    Speech Placements
    Beverly Keyser, School Language Diagnostician
    (561) 310-5936

    School Psychologist Placements
    Dr. Catherine Samuel-Barrett, Manager
    School Psychological Services
    (561) 681-3777