School Counseling

  • Our mission as counselors is to provide services for students to meet their academic, career, and social/emotional needs. We also aim to create a nurturing and safe environment by creating inclusive spaces and advocating for diversity. This is accomplished through collaboration with parents/guardians, staff, and community members to ensure the success and achievement of all our students.

  • Recognized ASCA Model Program

    The School Counseling Department of Park Vista Community High School is committed to building bridges for students of all backgrounds, embracing the notion that every student can engage in an advanced curriculum. We help students connect on our equity-embedded campus with each other and with adults who can support them. We work to support students in achieving their fullest potential toward college and career readiness, cultivating the ability to practice healthy behaviors, and learning the skills required to establish positive relationships. By fostering academic, career, and social-emotional development through data-driven programming and encouraging the collaboration of all stakeholders, school counselors empower students to become successful, self-reliant contributors to the global community.

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