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  • Mrs. Alina Orenstein, School Library Media Specialist
    Ms. Dawn Bahr, School Library Media Clerk

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    Library Information


    When can I visit the library?

    • The library is open every school day from 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

    How do I sign in?

    • Before school and during lunch, we scan your Park Vista ID. During school hours, you must bring in a signed pass from your teacher, fill out the Google Form on our designated computer in front of the circulation desk, and leave your pass on the circulation desk.

    I lost my ID. How do I get a replacement?

    • Replacement IDs are $5 and you can get it in the media center.

    I forgot my computer password, how can get it reset?

    • Any teacher can reset your computer password. Or you can stop by and see us in the media center!

    Can I access my personal email at school?

    • No. Please use your school accounts for school work!

    ...but I have homework on my phone. How can I print it out?

    • There is ALWAYS a solution! Just ask! Here are some common examples: Get the free Google Drive app and upload your homework to your school Google Drive account. That way, you can print it from a school computer. If your work is on Google Doc and you used your personal account, share it to your school account. 

    How many books can I check out?

    • As many as you want! We say the limit is 10, but we want you reading! Check out what you need, just remember to bring them back :) Keep in mind, we do charge a replacement cost for lost or damaged books.

    I'm looking for a particular book. How can I see if you have it?

    • Check out our online catalog- Destiny. It is a tile on your district portal.

    Do you have eBooks/audiobooks?

    • We have lots of popular YA fiction available as eBook on MackinVIA. Search for the MackinVIA tile on the district portal.

    How many pages can I print?

    • We ask is that you PRINT RESPONSIBLY! You are allowed up to 10 pages for free, after that charge 10 cents/page. Ask Ms. Orenstein or Ms. Bahr about color printing, printer location(s), or project supplies. HOWEVER due to COVID all printing is currently restricted.

    My schedule changed and I no longer have a 5th, 6th or 7th period. When can I get a new ID?

    • Stop by the media center with your old ID and new schedule and we'll print a new one. Lost your old ID? Bring in $5.