Cobra Courier

  • The Cobra Courier: Park Vista's "News with a Bite"
    Students interested in pursuing a career in the media have an opportunity to develop the important skills of good judgment, teamwork, and responsibility - all of which will help them prepare for careers in any field.

    Newspaper students learn to improve their writing, reporting, editing, photography, video, graphic design, advertising, fundraising, public relations, leadership, and time management skills as they seek, obtain, evaluate, and synthesize information.

    Upon completion of this course, students will:

    • Identify and report newsworthy events on and off-campus; incorporate journalistic forms, techniques, and knowledge to document a year in the history of Park Vista Community High School (PVCHS) and its surrounding communities
    • Assess writing/visual documentation for fact and opinion
    • Produce writing, photography, video, graphic design, and digital imaging, and manage the production of the  edition of The Cobra Chronicle, as appropriate to staff assignment/position
    • Interpret and incorporate legal and ethical aspects of journalism in assignments

    Monthly Cobra Courier