Athletic Eligibility Packet


    All forms are available on the District Athletics page.

    A new packet must be completed each school year in its entirety prior to participating in ANY sport. This includes off-season conditioning, preseason conditioning, tryouts and any other workout.

    NOTE: If you have completed and submitted an Athletic Eligibility Packet in the current school year, you do not need to resubmit. One completed packet is all you need per school year.

    You MUST use the documents supplied in the packet. No alternative documents may be used. Doctor's notes cannot substitute for page 3 of the physical (FHSAA EL2). Page 3 of the physical is completed only if the student athlete is referred to another physician for clearance.

    We CANNOT Accept The Following Documents In Place Of The FHSAA EL2 Sports Physical

    * State Of Florida School Entry Health Exam
    * Florida Certificate Of Immunization
    * FL Department Of Health Medical Evaluation

    Forging or falsifying ANY information within the document will result in the suspension of the student athlete 365 days from the date of discovery (FHSAA Handbook