Required Athletic Try-Out/Insurance Fee

  • All high school interscholastic athletes will be required to contribute $75.00 toward the cost of interscholastic athletics accident insurance. This school year contribution will be used to help offset the School District's cost in providing quality accident insurance for our athletes. Coverage may begin AFTER your primary insurance coverage processes a claim. Athletes MUST use their Primary Insurance Network first, before using the school insurance. See the Summary of Insurance for more complete terms and conditions available at or call 1-800-432-6915.

     1: A student-athlete may choose to pay a ONE-TIME $75.00 fee.

    Option 2: A $10.00 non-refundable fee can be submitted to try-out for any sports team. Upon making the team, the student-athlete is responsible for remitting the balance of $65.00 before participating in further practice or games/events. Until the $75.00 annual limit is reached, the student-athlete must remit an additional $10.00 try-out fee for each sport.  

    How to pay: Student Cash Online via debit or credit card or we will accept a check or money order made out to Park Vista Community High School. Cash is NOT accepted. Payment is non-refundable.