Parking Lot Procedures-Parking is a Privilege

  • Parking is a Privilege

    • All student drivers must follow appropriate parking lot procedures at all times. It is a public lot and follows federal guidelines. Speeding or reckless driving on Park Vista property will result in a loss of all parking privileges (with no refund) and legal action may be taken.
    • You cannot sell or give your decal to anyone else.  The parking decal must be used for the vehicle it was issued to. Please see the section under "How to Apply for an Additional Decal" if you change vehicles.  The cost of an additional decal is $10.
    • Only vehicles with proper decals are allowed to park in the student parking lot.

    • All spaces in the student parking lot, which do not have a yellow bumper, handicapped, or are otherwise marked are considered as student parking spaces and are to be filled on a first come first serve basis. There are no assigned parking spots.

    • There is to be no vehicle on the grass or curbs at any time.

    • Leaving campus without permission will result in your decal being revoked.

    • Park Vista is a closed campus. You are not permitted to leave and return to campus during the same school day.

    • Transporting an unauthorized student without permission off campus during school hours will result in your decal being revoked.

    • No passengers are allowed in the beds of trucks.

    • No flags or attached objects on your vehicle are permitted. 

    • Upon arriving in the morning, park and exit your vehicle immediately. Once you exit the parking lot, you are not permitted to re-enter the lot at any time throughout the day.
    • Violation of parking lot rules will result in one or all of the following: 

      1.  Parking privilege revoked 
      2.  Suspension from school
      3.  Ticket for moving violation
    • No refunds on parking decals.

    •  Never bring someone else’s vehicle. Vehicles not properly registered may be towed at driver’s expense.

    • If you have 5 or more unexcused tardies in one semester your parking privileges will be revoked for that semester.

    • If you have excessive early dismissals, you will temporarily/permanently lose your parking privileges.

    • You must park your vehicle forward in the parking space. No backing in.
    • Drive only in designated driving areas. (No driving across parking spots or the lot.)
    • Parking after 3:00 p.m. is not permitted in spots without concrete wheel stops. Vehicles remaining in these spots after school will be towed at owners’ expense.
    • No loud music when in student lot.

    What to do if...

    1. You have an emergency and have to drive another vehicle for a day? Only students with a regular decal are eligible for a temporary decal.  Please see school personnel before school in the Student Parking Lot for a temporary decal.  School ID must be shown.  Temporary permits must be hung from the rearview mirror.

          2. You sell or trade your vehicle and want a new decal?  Please see the section under  "How to Apply for an Additional Decal".