• ESE stands for Exceptional Student Education. Our ESE program offers courses at the school for students seeking regular and special diplomas.  Students serviced through ESE have been identified through special testing and have Individual Education Plans (IEPs).  To be eligible for participation in any ESE program, a student must meet very specific state and district criteria.  Students are usually identified as needing services prior to entering high school.  New students or those having significant problems in school may be referred to the School Based Team. 

    Programs currently provided by ESE at our school are: Intellectual Disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities, Speech/Language Impairments, and Autism. The ESE Department provides the following services: Consultation, Inclusion classes, Content equivalent courses, Non- equivalent courses, Community-based instruction, On-the-job training, and Transition services. 

    For more information, contact our ESE Coordinator, Ms. Chris Huff:
    Chris Huff
    (561) 625-7846.