Parental School Choice Options in Palm Beach County

Choice Program Application Update: The deadline to accept/decline your seat was Monday, April 17, 2017. If you were assigned a seat in the Choice lottery, please contact the assigned school for assistance with your acceptance, including inquiries about the completion of any documents, including the Choice contract. To submit a late application, visit  for submission information.

Apply for Controlled Open Enrollment

Beginning the 2017-2018 school year, the School District of Palm Beach County will offer parents and legal guardians the opportunity for their child to apply for and attend a school outside their regular attendance zone through the Controlled Open Enrollment process. Pursuant to F.S. 1002.31, the SDPBC will allow a parent from any school district in the state of Florida whose child is not subject to a current expulsion or suspension, apply for an assignment to an available school for the following school year. Transportation will not be provided.

Applications will be accepted from April 3, 2017 through May 5, 2017. Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) may apply online at Late applications will not be accepted. The results of controlled open enrollment assignments will be available May 31, 2017.

Controlled Open Enrollment Schools SY18

To learn more about Controlled Open Enrollment, please click above on the “Controlled Open Enrollment” tab.

Choice and In-House Programs

School District of Palm Beach County (SDPBC) choice programs reflect the diversity of the district and are design to attract all Palm Beach County students.  Families with students entering pre-kindergarten through grade 12 have the opportunity to choose from an array of Choice and Career and Technical Education (CTE) theme based curricula offerings at the elementary, middle, and high school levels that provide innovative and rigorous academic instruction by specially trained teachers. Choice and In-House Programs have been established at elementary, middle and high schools to provide an opportunity for students to engage in intensive study in specific areas. Choice and In-House programs offer the opportunity for students to discover their talents and explore their interests while focusing on academic rigor. These programs provide students with a pathway to postsecondary educations and careers. Students may participate in an “in-house” program if the program is only being offered to students whose attendance boundary is zoned for the school (“In-House program”), or, they may choose to attend a program that is only offered at a school outside of their regular attendance boundary (Choice program). To learn more about the programs available for your child, attend the Open House for the programs your child shows interest in, then submit a Choice application. To learn more about Choice programs and to apply, please click above on the “Choice Programs” tab.

Choice Transportation Zones

Choice Program students may receive transportation regardless of their proximity to the Choice school. Parents must provide transportation to the closest bus stop in order to be eligible. Bus stops will only be available within the Choice Transportation Zone for each school and additional stops will not be created.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Career and Technical Education (CTE), provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners.  To better prepare students for the 21st century and to help them graduate college and career ready, the Department of Choice and Career Options within the School District of Palm Beach County has developed Career Pathways encompassing Rigorous Programs of Study, to give students the academic preparation, direction, and career-related knowledge to help them plan studies that are in line with their interests, abilities, and career goals. To learn more about Career and Technical Education (CTE), please click above on the “Career Education” tab.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs

Students participating in any of the four International Baccalaureate (IB) programs develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn, and work in a rapidly globalizing world.  IB graduates are accepted into universities throughout the world and are prepared for success in any of their chosen careers.  Critical and creative thinking are developed through student-centered learning experiences in all academic disciplines and the arts. IB students study an additional world language. All of the four IB programs are offered in the School District of Palm Beach County. These are:

  • Primary Years Programme (PYP) for students in Grades K-5
  • Middle Years Programme (MYP) for students in Grades 6-10
  • Diploma Programme (DP) for students in Grades 11-12
  • IB Career-related Programme (IBCP) program designed for high school students who wish to participate in the IB Diploma Programme while also completing a Career Education pathway.

For more information about IB programs, please visit To learn more about International Baccalaureate programs, please click above on the “IB Programs” tab.

Home Education

Home Education is a parent-directed educational option that satisfies the requirement for regular school attendance. Florida Laws protecting home education became effective in 1985. Parents have the freedom to determine their child's educational path and the plan for reaching their goals. Students have the opportunity to explore and learn at their own pace, in any location or at any time. Home education students are able to enter institutions of higher learning and are eligible to participate in the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. More than 84,000 students in approximately 58,000 families are in Home Education Programs throughout Florida. To learn more about Home Education, please click above on the “Home Education” tab.

Opportunity Scholarship Program

The Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) is a school choice program created by the Florida Legislature in the 1999 Legislative Session as part of the A+ Education Plan. The Legislature revised student and school eligibility criteria in 2012. Opportunity Scholarships are available for eligible students to attend a higher-performing public school. To learn more about the Opportunity Scholarship program, please click above on the “Opportunity Scholarship” tab.


Parents/legal guardians experiencing hardships if the student attends his/her assigned school may request a student reassignment to a school other than the school in the student’s attendance area under certain circumstances outlined in district policy. To learn more about the Reassignment process, please click above on the “Reassignment” tab. Applications will be accepted June 1, 2017–June 30, 2017.

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