Student Code of Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct is the District's policy that creates a safe learning environment to ensure academic success.

To assist students, parents, guardians, administrators, and school personnel in maintaining a safe and supportive environment, the Code of Student Conduct will:
  • describe the rights and responsibilities of all students and parents/guardians;
  • describe the responsibilities of District staff;
  • identify prevention strategies;
  • identify classifications of incidents and describe corrective strategies for minor behavioral incidents and disciplinary consequences involving suspension or expulsion for egregious incidents;
    standardize procedures for administering disciplinary actions;
  • describe the rights of disabled students related to discipline; and
  • codify the protections for ELL students and LEP families related to discipline

Code of Conduct Policy by Grade Level and Language:

English - SY23 Code of Conduct: Elementary (K-5)
English - SY23 Code of Conduct: Secondary (6-12)

Español - SY23 Código de Conducta del Estudiante:  Primaria (K-5)
Español - SY23 Código de Conducta del Estudiante:  Secundaria (6-12)

Kreyòl - SY23 Règleman sou Konpòtman Elèv:  Elemantè (K-5)  
Kreyòl - SY23 Règleman sou Konpòtman Elèv:  Segondè (6-12)

Português - SY23 Código de Conduta do Aluno: Primário (K-5)
Português - SY23 Código de Conduta do Aluno: Secundário (6-12)

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