Thank A TeacherThe District's Thank-A-Teacher Campaign recognizes teachers for changing lives, inspiring excellence and setting positive examples for their students. During this important time, the School District is thanking our teachers not only for educating our children, but for prioritizing their well-being and success.

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Mr. Burkey, thank you for teaching me everything I know about American history and economics!! - Clara Harrison Roses

Ms Heil, your constant positivity is an inspiration to our Barton Chargers. This year, you spearheaded our Barton Bucks Store, where kids can "spend" the bucks they earn for being good citizens. Way to spread the love!- Donna Bruno

Ms. Dorn Gordon, Thank you for being my teacher. I appreciate the faithfulness that you have in your students. The constant reminders of where you would want us to be at in life. The time and money spent for us to have grater opportunities. Your motivational words and tough love speeches will never go un forgotten. Thank you for being the mother figure away from home. - Miranda Garcia

Ms. Rundle is kind, sweet and great at what she does. Our son has progressed and learned so much since he started in her classroom. We are so thankful and blessed to have Ms. Rundle as our sons teacher. She always communicates with parents and is always willing to help or explain anything without hesitation. I only wish we get as lucky once our son gets to the first grade. Hopefully next years teacher will be someone who has the passion and patience that Ms.Rundle has with her students. It brings joy to our hearts that our son loves to go to school each day and he is always looking forward to learning. Ms.Rundle makes her lessons educational but also fun and I believe that's why her students love her and will always remember her. - Linda Carmenate

Dear Mrs DePalo, I would like to thank you for all the affection and dedication you have with Sophia and all the students.
People like you are inspiration to us!  With affection, Sophia and Livia Medvid.

I want to thank Ms.Lapella for always making my day. I have her 2nd hour and I am always overwhelmed by math class first hour. Whenever I walk through the door she always has a smile on her face which makes me have a smile on my face too, even if I was having a bad day. In elementary I could never understand science and I hated it, but now Ms.Lapella makes science easy to understand and helps me to like science more and more everyday. In class we have chrome-books and the chrome-books are allowing us to be able to do online projects. Over all, thank you to Ms.Lapella.- Christine Estime

Ms. Lueke has been an incredible teacher. She has helped me with bettering my marketing skills. Thanks to her help i will be competing state wide in financial consulting. Its thanks to her that i have learned so much about the real world and what it has to offer. Its teachers like her that are changing the way students view learning. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to have as my last marketing instructor here at wellington high.- Rebeca Perez

Dear Mrs.Garcia, Thank you for being an inspirational teacher. You have demonstrative how to learn Spanish with so much love . The video we watch of two young high school students getting in to Harvard and Standford has been an eye opener for me to have faith I can do anything I set my mind to! So I greatly thank you for being a great teacher who wants the best for all her students. Thank you again!- Deanna Bartley