Thank A TeacherThe District's Thank-A-Teacher Campaign recognizes teachers for changing lives, inspiring excellence and setting positive examples for their students. During this important time, the School District is thanking our teachers not only for educating our children, but for prioritizing their well-being and success.

Join the District in celebrating our teachers by using the links to the right to send a message of thanks.  We also invite our business partners to thank our teachers by using the links to the right to indicate specials, offers, and discounts you can provide throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

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Thank you Mrs. Skinner for not only being one of the best business teachers in high school but now a mentor! I may have graduated two years ago but you continue to have an impact in my life by the way you serve others. Now studying to become an educator myself, my goal is to become a teacher just like you! You inspire, motivate, and encourage all the students that you meet and there will never me a classroom that loved on the students as much as Skinny's room! - Zynia

I would like to thank my enrichment teacher Ms.Feinsinger for teaching me the steps of being a innovative student. - Jennifer Briceno

Kathryn Vecchio from Whispering Pines Elementary paid for a students field trip with her own money so he would not be left out when Fifth Grade went on a Field Trip to Kennedy Space Center.- Donald Burney

Thank you, Mrs. Gale for making me the reader and writer I am now. - Mary Anne Peyton Speight

Thank you to Sally Mascia at Binks Forest Elementary! My daughter, Tenley, always comes home SO EXCITED about what she has learned in class! She cannot wait to take things out of her backpack and tell me about what she has learned...I have never seen her so excited about Science! Your commitment to learning that is not only chock full of meaning, but also creative and engaging, speaks to this mom's heart. THANK YOU! - Jennifer Peak

Thank you Ms. Justine Drew for loving the babies in PreK and taking care of them as your own.. You are an inspiration and a wonderful teacher.
Thank you for all the hard work. It definitely does not go unnoticed. We appreciate all you do! - Anna Garrancho

A special thank you to Mr. Brown at Suncoast High School for all you do to motivate and teach your students. My daughter speaks very highly of you and when I ask why she enjoys Mr. Brown's class so much, here is her reply. "He teaches us by giving examples and breaks down the information so we can relate to current events". My daughter goes on to say, "He has a great amount of knowledge of the subject matter, but he makes the content come to life with his teaching style." "He engages his students and he challenges us to use critical thinking skills." Thank you for being so amazing, Mr. Brown!! We appreciate you.

Thank you Mrs. Nancy Norton for your love and dedication to the babies in your class each and every day!
You love them as if they were your own.
I see so much growth since this school year has begun.
You are such an inspiration to everyone.
You have gone above and beyond to help the kids grow and learn.