Battle of the Books

  • Battle of the Books

    What is Battle of the Books?
    Battle of the Books is a competition in which students compete against each other using their understanding of the selected books. In the past year, over 600 teams and 2700 students competed for 1st place in each category. The purpose of the competition is to promote literacy in the School District of Palm Beach County.

    How does it work?
    The competition divides teams into 3 categories: 3-5th grade, 6-8th grade, and 9-12th grade. Each category will have its own 1st place team winner. Students form teams and compete by reading the books specified by the appropriate reading list for their grade level. Then, the teams will log in with their sponsor around January to an online test that contains trivia questions about the books they read. The qualifying teams from the online test will travel to the Grand Battle in March to compete in a mock game show environment. The winning team will receive a 1st place trophy to place in their school until next year, as well as certificates for all team members.

    Where do I sign up?
    Talk to your school's media specialist or the teacher in charge of the competition for your school for more information about meeting times and registration. If you are interested in participating, when you attend a meeting, your sponsor will provide you with the book list, rules, and timeline for the competition.