Choice and In-House Programs

  • Wellington Community High School has a variety of Choice programs, including an Equine/Pre-Veterinary Academy, a Fine Arts Academy, a Fire Science Academy, and a Marketing Academy. Please visit the program pages for additional information.

    Drafting and Communications Design

    The Drafting and Design program offers two distinct strands designed to challenge students with laboratory and classroom based curriculum which promotes the use of critical thinking and computer technology skills. The content and activities in these programs include entrepreneurship, safety, and leadership skills. In the Drafting courses of study, students employ the use of AutoCAD Computer Aided Design software for architectural, mechanical, and 3D projects. In the Communications Technology Strand, the study of the processes, uses, and technical skills found in visual technologies (both conventional and digital procedures), multimedia productions, computer animation and graphics, web page design, electronic media, and other new and emerging technologies will be incorporated. This program focuses on the understanding and demonstration of the technological tools, machines, instruments, materials, processes and systems in business and industry.


    The Equine/Pre–Veterinarian program provides students with an opportunity to pursue a rigorous, accelerated science program to prepare them for veterinary medicine and/or animal sciences at the college level. Due to the rigorous science curriculum, this program is appropriate for students preparing for a college program in pre–medicine or fields requiring a strong foundation in upper level sciences. Topics include horse anatomy and physiology, behavior, parasitology, disease, lameness, etc. Students in this program are required to complete twenty hours of community service in an animal–based area during each year of high school and intern with an animal health care facility, complete research assignments in animal health care/medicine, and prepare veterinary case studies as a senior in high school.

    Fine Art

    The Fine Arts program offers creative students the opportunity to study their art form(s) while taking at least eight fine arts courses over four years. Students will complete a rigorous study of their artistic discipline, including dance, music (vocal and instrumental), theatre, and the visual arts.

    Fire Science

    The Fire Science program is a four–year program that prepares cadets as outstanding applicants for entry into post graduate fire academies, specifically Palm Beach State College. Students learn skills including: fire behavior, first responder model, personal protective equipment, use of ropes, tools and equipment, use of fire streams and fundamentals of extinguishment, and rescue procedures. The Fire Science program is a structured “attention on deck” environment with students earning leadership positions as company officers. Students in the Academy are concurrently enrolled in Medical Sciences.

    Information Technology

    The Information Technology program offers an innovative, integrated learning environment focused on computers, technology, and communications. The program provides students with the training and skills necessary for careers such as: Computer Operation, Computer Support, Electronics Technology, Graphic Design, Multimedia & Web Design, Network Systems, PC Support and Word Processing, and Cybersecurity. Specialization opportunities vary depending upon the location of the academy.


    The Marketing program is designed to prepare students for higher education and careers in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. The program develops marketing concepts as they apply to areas such as business, e–commerce, entertainment, fashion, finance, hospitality, law, management, medicine, sales, and sports. Hands–on projects throughout the program will allow students to work with local businesses and entrepreneurs to develop real world experiences and skills. The student can develop leadership skills while participating in many community activities and field trips.