Choice & In-House Programs

  • American History and Law

    The American History and Law program promotes the study and appreciation of American history and the legal framework that has helped to define it. It is a program designed to promote knowledge and appreciation of American political, cultural, and economic foundations. This program prepares students in legal theory and practical application of the law to help individuals in our society. Classes foster the importance of economic and geographical relationships and increase awareness of the richness and diversity in American society. Students are exposed to primary and secondary documents through various publications and traveling exhibits, as well as lectures by eminent historians.


    The Biotechnology program is a program delivered in a state–of–the–art facility that offers students the opportunity to prepare for the career path and the challenges of college. The students have a wide variety of experiences that may include the opportunity to “gown–up” and work in a clean room. Students experiment with plants while studying the science of hydroponics in the school’s hydroponics greenhouses. Technology is infused throughout the curriculum. These academies have established partnerships with biotech companies in the area.

    Early Childhood Teacher Education

    The Early Childhood Teacher Education program is a program in which high school students prepare for careers in child–related occupations, earning high school honors credits and/or Dual Enrollment college credits. Career possibilities may include teaching, child psychology, social work, and day–care ownership. The program prepares students for post–secondary education or immediate entry into the Palm Beach County workforce. Students gain teaching experiences through internships at area preschools and elementary schools. Early Childhood Teacher Education programs provide students with teaching experiences in the laboratory preschools located on high school campuses with the exception of Atlantic High and Boca Raton High.


    The Entrepreneurship program encompasses both academic knowledge and practical skills to prepare young people for responsible citizenship and the world of work. Fostering entrepreneurship attitudes and skills in secondary schools raises awareness of career opportunities, as well as ways young people can contribute to the development and prosperity of their communities.

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