Early Childhood Academy

    Students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Academy at Spanish River have a unique opportunity to learn all about teaching young children. Students will get first-hand experience working with children in a laboratory setting with the Little Sharks, our on-campus preschool. Students enrolled in this in-house Academy will study child development, child psychology, classroom management, observe classroom behaviors, and so much more.
    Students in the Early Childhood Academy have the opportunity to:
    • Earn their Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC)
    • Earn the National Child Development Associate certificate (CDA)
    • Obtain DCF's 45-hour certification.
    • Receive Infant First Aid/CPR certification
    • Prepare for employment and/or advanced education in the field of Early Childhood Education.
    • Join Florida Future Educators of America (FFEA) club

    *A GPA of 2.5 is required for eligibility when applying.

    In order to be a part of the Early Childhood Education Academy each year, students need to be enrolled in one of the following classes:

    • Early Childhood 1
    • Early Childhood 2
    • Early Childhood 3 Honors
    • Early Childhood 4 Honors

    Possible Careers

    • Child Psychologist
    • Elementary School Teacher
    • Family Law
    • Preschool Teacher
    • Preschool Director/Owner
    • Parent Educator
    • Social Worker

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