Biotechnology Academy

    The Biotechnology program is delivered in a state-of the art facility that offers students the opportunity to prepare for a career path in Science and the challenges of rigorous college Science courses.

    Students in the Biotechnology Academy have the opportunity to:

    • Complete college-level labs in high school using advanced equipment and techniques.

    • Learn the basics of molecular biology and biochemistry.

    • Earn the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam, (BACE) which is an industry-recognized exam designed to assess core skills and knowledge sets identified by the industry and represented within the academic and performance standards of Florida's secondary Biotechnology program.

    • Participate in many science-related clubs including: SECME, Science Olympiad, HOSA, Spark Engineering, Girls Who Code, and National Science Honors Society

    * A GPA of 3.0 is required for eligibility when applying.

    Courses Offered

    • Genetics Honors
    • Bioscience 1 Honors
    • Bioscience 2 Honors
    • Bioscience 3 Honors
    *Students take one academy elective per year and are enrolled in an additional rigorous science course

    Related Careers

    • Academic/Research
    • Agriculture
    • Biotechnician
    • Biomanufacturing
    • Dentistry
    • Medical
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Research Associate
    • Technician
    • Lab Technician
    • Veterinary Medicine


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