K9 Unit

  • About the K-9 Unit
    The K-9 unit's primary function is to support the officers in the schools. Utilizing highly-trained police dogs assists the officers in maintaining a safe environment on school campuses. These dogs are trained to detect dangerous and illegal items as well as locating endangered or at-risk missing children. They also perform demonstrations and classroom presentations, "speaking" on subjects such as bullying and drug prevention. The K-9s even integrate into the classroom curriculum in areas such as pre-law and pre-vet programs!

    These dogs have been proven effective in bridging the gap between law enforcement and children, opening up the lines of communication where a child might not normally feel comfortable approaching or speaking with a police officer. After all, who could resist the friendly wag of a dog's tail?

    Why We Exist
    Too often, school administrators would request the assistance of a K-9 unit, only to be told that they would have to utilize agencies outside of the School District as a resource, which often comes at a significant expense to the school.

    School Police saw a vital need for a K-9 unit. Unfortunately, there was no money in the budget for such an expensive undertaking. On average, obtaining a certified dog that specializes in the field of detecting dangerous items costs up to $10,000!

    Seeing the need for narcotic and firearm detecting dogs, various schools and community members stepped up to kick-start what has become a very successful program. Because of their generosity and hard work, School Police has been able to obtain and train three narcotic-detecting dogs and one firearm detecting dog!

    Unfortunately, there is a continued need for more detector dogs, due to the size of the county and the number of schools that the School Police serve. Even though the dogs work for praise, there remains a budgetary strain due to the cost of ongoing training, equipment, food, and veterinary care.

    The K-9 unit would not exist without the generous support of our School District community and private donors.

    How You Can Help
    We are seeking funding assistance for the purchase of police dogs and the continued sustainability of the K-9 program.

    We have teamed up with several schools who have established fundraising clubs and are accepting donations on our behalf.

    If you would like to donate to the K-9 program, please click the links below:

    For fundraising events:
    click here to email the Hammock Pointe Elementary School PTSA coordinator.

    To make a general donation (large or small, every $1 helps!) click here. You will be redirected to the GoFundMe page, created and managed by Boca Raton High School Canine Club students!

    Many thanks to the Boca Raton High School Photography Club for the amazing pictures of all of the K9s!

    K9 Officers with their dogs