Choice and In-House Programs

  • Choice Program

    Bear Lakes MS Pre-Biotechnology Program
    The Pre-Biotechnology Academy is designed to enable middle school students to explore the connections between science content areas and the rapidly growing biotechnology industry. At the same time, students develop the knowledge base to ensure successful articulation to high school science academies. The program provides, through a series of science electives, an understanding of the basic principles which form the foundations of biotechnology. The topics that are explored include genetics, DNA structure, and function, utilization of basic biotechnology tools and techniques, forensics, bioethics, and genetic engineering. Students also survey the major career area opportunities related to the field of biotechnology.  

    In-House Programs

    High School Acceleration
    Information Technology
    Health Professions

    BLMS Health Professions studentsOur Health Professions In-House Program is designed to expose Bear Lakes students to the medical field that is in high demand in our world. It is a three-year Honors and High School Credit classes for middle school students that will accentuate on effective instruction based on the medical content being taught while emphasizing on their Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, Science, Critical Thinking, and Mathematical Levels. The following courses are offered Orientation to Health Occupations, Exploration of Health Science Professions & Career Planning, and Medical Skills and Services. Coordinator: Mrs. Marie-Denise Elyse

    Other Programs

    Bear Lakes MS Music Program
    The Bear Lakes Middle School Band program features many award-winning ensembles, including a beginning band, a concert band, a symphonic band, a jazz band, and a pep band. The ensembles at Bear Lakes consistently receive superior ratings at all events and have been recognized for their excellence across the Palm Beach County School District. The ensembles provide opportunities to perform around the state of Florida, including local concerts, pep rallies, sporting events, universities, and, most recently, Disney World. All Bear Lakes students are eligible to enroll in a band and need no prior musical experience to participate.