Mathematics Department

  • During the 2016-2017 school year, Bear Lakes Middle School saw a 5 percent increase in our student’s proficiency level on the Mathematics FSA compared to the 2015-2016 school year. We also showed an increase in Learning Gains for all students including our lowest 25%. We rank in the top 15% among 565 middle schools in the State of Florida and continuously show improvement in Mathematics Achievement from 2015-2016 to 2016-2017.

    At Bear Lakes, we have a student centered environment that provides the best learning opportunities for our kids. In that regard, our math department provides the most advanced acceleration program in the Palm Beach County. Our students are able to finish middle school with 2 high school math classes (Algebra 1 and Geometry) which are needed to meet the state's graduation requirements.

    Our commitment to excellence in student achievement enables us to employ the tools and strategies necessary to challenge and enrich our students to reach their full potential while on our campus and beyond. Please contact us for more details regarding our math curriculum at Bear Lakes Middle School.