Speech & Language Pathologist

  • Mrs. Crespo - Speech & Language Pathologist

    The speech-language impaired program is a proud component of the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) team at Bear Lakes Middle School (BLMS).  Students in the speech-language program at BLMS are serviced by one of two speech-language pathologists (SLP), certified by the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA).  Speech-Language Pathology encompasses a myriad of impairments and disorders to include students experiencing challenges with; articulation/speech errors, fluency/stuttering concerns, voice disorders, and language impairments.  The speech-language pathologists at BLMS excitedly work with our students of varying exceptionalities utilizing a continuum of services and treatment plans.  The goal of the BLMS speech-language program is to provide a successful therapeutic environment to equip our students with the strategies and interventions needed to thrive in both academic and social settings.  This is achieved through aligning necessary communication goals with Florida State Standards, as well as engaging students in various therapeutic opportunities, field trips, activities, and events throughout the school year which promote and foster successful and positive communicative interactions.  BLMS strives to impress upon our students with communication difficulties that successful, effective, and positive communication skills are an achievable and necessary life tool.  We hope to enable our students to maximum these skills as they move into their teenage years and beyond.