Dress Code

  • Acceptable Clothing

    • Skirts, dresses and shorts must touch the knees. 
    • Blouses, shirts, and tops must have sleeves and must be long enough to be tucked into your pants, shorts, and skirts. 
    • Necklines must be high enough to prevent exposure. 
    • Appropriate facemask (optional). Facemasks must fully cover the nose and mouth, must be secure underneath the chin and fit snugly (but comfortably) against the side of the face, and be secured with ear loops or ties so guests can remain hands-free.

    Prohibited Clothing

    • Transparent or see through fabric. 
    • Clothing, jewelry, buttons, etc. with words, phrases, symbols, pictures or insignia that are disruptive, obscene, profane, racist, suggestive, offensive, or related to drug or alcohol use. 
    • Clothing that defaces, alters or improperly displays the national emblem. 
    • Sunglasses, hats, hoods, bandannas, picks, combs, wave caps, or any type of head covering. If you must wear sunglasses during outside physical education activities, please clear this with the appropriate coach. 
    • Pants, skirts, or shorts that ride below the base of the spine or hips. 
    • Wallet chains, spiked chains, or any other type of metal chain. 
    • Skirts and dresses shorter than knees or with a slit that reaches above the knee. 
    • Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, tube tops and spaghetti straps. 
    • Pants or leggings with holes and/or see through material above the knee. Items containing reference to death, murder or gangs. 
    • Bare midriffs, backs, or sides. 
    • Gaiters, gas masks, scarves, and/or handkerchiefs, etc., Pajamas, bedroom or house slippers, or bare feet. 

    Parents are requested to play an active role in the enforcement of this policy. Students who are not in compliance with dress code will contact parent or guardian for change of clothing. Students with continuous or flagrant violations of the dress policy are subject to further disciplinary action. EXCEPTIONS: Any student who is requesting temporary exemption from the dress code for medical reasons must first present a doctor’s note to his or her appropriate assistant principal for approval. 

    Please note that the dress code goes into effect upon arrival to campus.