Visitor Policy


    In an effort to ensure the safety of all our staff and students Palm Beach County School District has enacted policies for visitors.

    The visitors’ policy has many purposes:

    • To ensure the safety of students and staff while maintaining a welcoming environment.
    • To easily identify visitors, volunteers, and parents on campus.
    • To assist administrators, school staff, security personnel, students and school resource officers in identifying unauthorized individuals on campus.
    • To provide administration with the names of people in the school in the event of a school emergency.

    The Visitors’ Policy Procedures:

    1. Every visitor entering Boca Raton High School during school hours is required to report to the Main Office with a valid ID for scanning through our Raptor System.
    2. All visitors must indicate the staff member on campus authorizing their visit. The staff member must have made the main office personnel aware of the visit ahead of time to ensure a quick sign-in process. Staff must also be aware that visitors are required to be escorted onto the campus and must be prepared to meet the guest in the main office at their scheduled time of arrival and deliver them back to the main office upon completion of visit. GUESTS MUST BE ESCORTED BY A STAFF MEMBER AT ALL TIMES.
    3. Once scanned, the visitor will receive an ID badge indicating the name, time, date, and staff member’s name and authorized location on campus.
    4. The visitor pass must be visible the entire time the visitor is on campus and must be returned to the main office upon leaving. All campus doors will be locked throughout the day. Doors must NOT be propped open for any reason or for any length of time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Note: Visitors will NOT be permitted to enter the school via any entrance other than the main office under any circumstances. Students and staff must always be aware of any unauthorized individual trying to follow them onto our campus and notify the administration or our resource officer immediately.

    Thank you for partnering with us in making our campus as safe as possible to ensure a calm and comfortable learning environment for all of our students.