• George Prime
    George Prime
    School Police

    Frank Gorora
    Frank Gorora
    Here is a picture of me in Vietnam.
    I served as a Communication Sergeant E-5 with the 18th Engineering Brigade, 45th Group in DaNang and Phu Bai 1967-68.

    George Solli
    George Solli
    Information Technology

    Dedication. In memory of CPT Leslie "Kim" Cavanaugh United States Army. His star will forever shine.

    Chief Sandoval and K-9   Chief Sandoval and K-9
    Chief Sandoval and K-9 unit
    Chief Sandoval
    Boca Raton High School

    Michelle Halleran
    My Name is Michelle Halleran. I went into the USN under their Delayed Entry Program (I was a senior in high school) in February 1994. I was sent to active duty status in the USNR in June 1994 upon graduation from high school. I went to basic training at NTC Orlando; then I was sent to NTC San Diego for school to be trained as a Mess Management Specialist (basically a cook). My first duty station was at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia (1994-1996). I was transferred to the Naval Sub Base in Groton, Connecticut and served on two dry docks there before I was released from active duty status as a Petty Officer Third Class (E-4 pay grade) in December 1998. Serving my country was one of the best experiences of my life.

    Jimmy Peterkin, Jr.
    SSG Jimmy L. Peterkin, Jr., MBA
    U.S. Army Adjutant General’s Corps
    Thirteen year of military service in the US Army Adjutant General’s Corps to include Combat War Veteran in support of Persian Gulf War 1990-1991-Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
    Department of Communications and Engagement

    John  Lim
    John Lim
    U.S. Army - Corporal E4

    Steven Allen
    Steven Allen, U.S. Army
    Palm Beach Central High School

    Joanne PrzybylowiczVeteran: Joanne Przybylowicz
    U.S. Army 1987-1992
    Total Service time: 3/1987 - 3/1992
    My highest rank was Specialist 4
    Combat War Veteran- Persian Gulf War 1990-1991

    I joined the US Army Reserves and went to basic training and my first AIT (Psychiatric Specialist - MOS 91F) in March 1987.
    A year later in March 1988, I went to Active Duty Army and attended AIT for Power Generation Equipment Repairer (MOS - 52D).

    Joanne PrzybylowiczI served on active duty with the US Army as a Power Generation Equipment Repairer from March 1988 - March 1992. For the first two years, I was stationed in Mannheim, Germany with the 272nd MP Company. I was the first female mechanic the Military Police unit had ever had. From June 1990 to March 1992 I was assigned to HHC 1st Cavalry Division in Ft. Hood, Texas. I Served in Combat during the Persian Gulf War (Desert Shield / Desert Storm) from September 1990 to April 1991. On August 2nd, 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded the country of Kuwait in the Persian Gulf. My unit went on alert and on September 4, 1990, and I left for the Middle East as part of the First Cavalry Division’s advance party. I returned to the states on April 17, 1991, and spent the rest of my time at Fort Hood.
    I used the Army college fund that I earned to attend college.

    Glen Dave
    Glen Dave, U.S. Army
    Osceola Creek Middle School
    Serving my country was truly an honor, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


    Paul Brown
    Cholee Lake Elementary School Resource Officer


    Alex Bartkowiak
    U.S. Army Specialist


    Michael Tarlton
    Information Technology

    Corporal James Yaques, U.S. Marines
    Palm Beach Central High School

    I served my country for eight years. I have fought in two minor conflicts and two major wars, Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I have traveled around the world twice. I have had many different jobs in the military: truck driver, mechanic, generator mechanic, and infantryman. I have trained with military people from many different countries: Spain, Africa, Germany, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, South Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and more. And with some elite forces also. I have had a chance to fellowship with people of different nationalities and learn about the many different cultures worldwide.
    Joining the U.S. Marines Corp was one of the best decisions that I have made. I am happy that I served my country; it helped me grow as a human being and better understand people worldwide. It made me appreciate what freedoms we have in the United States.
    Jeff Walker

    Master Sergeant Lawrence Patterson
    U.S. Marine Corps - 20.5 years

    Marshette Thompson
    Mission Support - U.S. Air Force
    1997 August 30 - 2000 October 07
    Highest Rank - E3 - Senior Airman

    Edward Houston
    U.S. Army - 3 years

    Louis Harrigan
    U.S. Navy - 3 years

    Anthony Kopp
    Suncoast High School

    Master Sergeant Patrick Barber
    U.S. Marine Corps
    21 years active service

    Antonio Pena
    Information Technology

    Commander Stephen Reid
    U.S. Navy (Ret.) 1988 -2014
    IB DP History Teacher at Suncoast High School

    Nicole Smith
    Serving in the Army was a confidence building experience. The Army allowed me the opportunity to build skills and assume responsibilities I thought impossible at 21. From becoming proficient in a foreign language to rappelling down cliffs to providing intelligence summaries to the NSA and FBI, I was challenged and trusted to rise to those challenges. I don't know that I could have experienced the same anywhere else. (Plus, I met my husband of 28 years in the Army, so that's another great takeaway.)


    Nathan Runyon
    Congress Middle School
    I was a police officer in the Air Force from 1994-98. It was my job to provide protection for our assets and personnel. I spent time in Haiti (1994), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1995 and 1997), Germany, Ireland and numerous spots in the United States. I was also chosen for a special duty post providing security for Air Force One during President Clinton's term.

    David McLendon
    U.S. Army - 9years

    Dorothy Rose Smith
    Manatee Elementary School

    Naomi Bell
    U.S. Marine Corp - Corporal E4

    Virginia Kavanagh
    U.S. Navy BM3 - 3years

    Michael Douthat
    U.S. Navy - 2 years

    Maria Schainuck
    U.S. Air Force - Staff Sergeant