Learning at Home


    Explore fun, creative ideas, and tips on how to help your child with homework, goal setting, making academic decisions and other school-related activities and skills.

  • Reading and educational success goes hand-in-hand. The National Commission on Reading says the single most significant factor in a child's early educational success is an introduction to books and being read to at home. This Parent University segment features 5 easy tips to help grow good readers in elementary school.

    Parents may have noticed their children are learning some mathematics problem-solving techniques that are different from what they learned years ago. This Parent University segment explains "New Math" and how it can help students solve more than math problems later in life.

    Homework is part of every student’s life. Getting into a good routine early will help throughout a child’s entire academic career. This Parent University segment features 5 simple strategies for handling homework in elementary school.

    In today’s Parent University segment, we show some SAT basics, including how to prepare and how to improve test scores without spending a dime.

  • Busy families may need a child care option before or after school. This "Parent University" installment features a look at some of the academic and extracurricular activities offered in before and afterschool programs.

    Free help with common academic subjects for students of all ages, including instructional videos and tailored SAT preparation, is just a click away. This Parent University segment introduces us to the online learning resource: Khan Academy.

    Middle school is a time of change for many students, bringing a new schedule, new building and new homework demands. In today’s Parent University segment, we show how to build on existing good homework habits to help middle school students excel.

    Paying for college is a big concern for many families… and that’s where financial aid can help out. This Parent University segment features tips on filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly known as the FAFSA.