Multimedia Communications

  • This in-house academy is available to all students who attend Park Vista. Students may take the courses as an elective or join the academy. (Digital Media Multimedia Academy Flyer)

    Course Sequence:

    1. Digital Media/MM Found 1 8201210 - This course provides competencies in presentation production issues, basic computer knowledge, digital still photography, and photo editing software.
    2. Digital Media/MM Found 2 8201220 - This course covers competencies in advanced design, illustration software, color modes, and fonts.
    3. Digital Media/MM Found 3 8201230 (H) - This course covers competencies in design layout software.
    4. Digital Media/MM Web Production 8201610 (H) - This course covers competencies in webpage design, HTML and CSS, authoring software, animated webpage design, and the use of interactive design software.

    Within our Digital Media/Multimedia Academy, students have the opportunity to earn an industry certification of Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design. State of Florida college administrators were consulted and agreed that the Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design certification shall articulate three (3) college credit hours toward the AS degree in Graphics Technology.  For more information about Industry Certifications, please visit our testing partner

    Juniors and seniors may also qualify for the National Technical Honor Society