• What is the STEM Academy?

    This four year, pre-university course of study is designed to meet the needs of highly-motivated students wishing to engage in a tailored curriculum with opportunities to pursue studies in engineering and computer game design. STEM students take courses through the Advanced International Certificate in Education (AICE) partnership and the College Board Advanced Placement program. Students have opportunities to participate in SECME and First Robotics competitions.

    Entrance Requirements: 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)/Successful completion of Algebra 1 recommended.

    What characteristics do STEM Academy students embody?

    STEM Academy students demonstrate talent in mathematics and science. Intelligent with extraordinary analytic ability, STEM students solve problems creatively and are curious about the way things work. They are divergent thinkers who enjoy puzzles and games. While capable of independent achievement, STEM Academy students are comfortable working in a group environment as members of a problem-solving team. Possessing developed study skills and disciplined work habits, STEM Academy students are willing to meet difficult challenges. STEM Academy students are generally open-minded, resourceful, inquisitive, and highly motivated for success.

    For what college and career pathways does the STEM Academy prepare students?

    Due to their academic excellence and exposure to an accelerated curriculum, STEM graduates are extremely well prepared to meet the challenges of the most prestigious universities in the United States. They go on to pursue careers in medicine, engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, oceanography, astronomy, biomedicine, architecture, computer technology, business, law and the humanities.

    How does the STEM Academy work with the engineering community leaders?

    The advisory board for the STEM Academy is comprised of the western community’s outstanding business and engineering professionals. Support from and communication with this board is essential in providing opportunities to strengthen the STEM curriculum. The unique combination of high-level academics, hands-on learning, and collaborative partnerships with community resources ensures the students the preparation required to become leaders in STEM-related career fields in the world of the future.