• Biotechnology programThe Biotechnology Program is housed in a state-of-the-art facility and is a certified National Career Academy Coalition program that will offer students an innovative, technologically advanced science curriculum. While in the program, students will encounter a truly unique learning experience that offers hands-on, laboratory based, academically rigorous and career oriented lessons designed to make students love science, biotechnology, and research.

    There will be a wide variety of experiences including the opportunity to conduct relevant research in the field of biotechnology and apply for an industry internship. They will acquire laboratory and research skills that will be valuable both in university and workplace laboratories. Students will also work on meaningful, environmentally important biotechnological projects and perform sophisticated experiments with DNA and proteins and perform assays commonly used in the Biotechnology industry. Technology is infused into almost all aspects of the curriculum.

    Students will have the opportunity to earn five industry certifications, participate in a variety of Science Fair projects and work on an independent science experiment. There are opportunities for summer internships and college credit can be earned as part of the Palm Beach State College Biotechnology program.

    Course Sequence

    9th Grade: Biotechnology 1
    Students are provided exploratory experience which provides hand on laboratory and real-life applications to the field of Biotechnology.
    10th Grade: Biotechnology 2
    Students will apply the skills learned in Biotechnology I with an emphasis on the study of DNA and proteins. Scientific research is a major focus as well as hands-on laboratory and real-life applications to the field of Biotechnology.
    11th Grade: Biotechnology 3
    Students will engage in laboratory investigations of selected topics in biotechnology. Use of the scientific method, measurement, laboratory apparatus and critical thinking are an integral part of this course. Inquiry into current technology and applications of scientific principles and their relationship to society is encouraged.
    12th Grade: Agriscience Foundations 1
    This course will enable students to develop proficient knowledge and skills.

    Eligibility Requirement - 3.0 GPA
    4 year Academy
    Recommended Electives: Principle's of Biomedical Science, Forensics,Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Interventions, Agrisicence
    Curriculum: Lab based, & hands on workingwith DNA & Proteins
    6 Industry Certifications
    Up to 6 college credits

    2020 CTE Silver Award Winner
    Program of the Year
    2022 1 student received QuestBridge Scholarship - Full Ride to Notre Dame