Access Arrangements

  • What are access arrangements?​

    Access arrangements are pre-exam accommodations made on behalf of a candidate with particular needs. The purpose of an access arrangement is to remove any unnecessary barriers to the standard assessment, without compromising the standards being tested, so that the candidate can receive recognition for their attainment. Access arrangements ensure that all candidates have equal access to exams.

    With proper documentation, Mrs. Grosso can apply for accommodations called center delegated access arrangements.

    Students must deliver their request and documentation to the AICE office, room 4-214, before January 18, 2024 (for the June series).

    Center delegated access arrangements include:

    • Extra time
    • Word processor without spell check
    • Supervised rest breaks
    • Visual aids, for example, color layover

    Documentation includes the following:

    • An updated/active IEP or 504 plan on campus
    • If requested: a completed Request for Accommodations Consent Form which can be downloaded here or picked up at Mrs. Grosso's office in 4-214
    • If more documentation is requested from Cambridge, the parents will be notified.

    Evidence requested by Cambridge must state how the student's disability/diagnosis is a barrier to the assessment.
    Documents must also include why the disability/diagnosis warrants the requested access arrangement(s) because of the impact on the academic area that is being assessed. Most IEP and/or 504 plans include this information.

    Note: Cambridge, as a private entity, does not have to abide by 504 and IEP accommodations. If your student does not meet their criteria for accommodation, Cambridge will deny the request. Further evidence may be requested by Cambridge.

    See Mrs. Grosso in the AICE office, room 4-214, with any questions.  

    Request for Accommodations Consent Form
    Modified Paper Request