• Construction academyThe Weitz Construction Academy prepares students for college and for employment in the building construction industry by providing the skills necessary to enter home-building, general contracting, and related industries. This program focuses on broad transferable skills, stresses the understanding of all aspects of the building construction industry, and demonstrates such essential elements of the industry such as architecture, engineering, planning, management, finance, technical, and production skills. Incorporated in the curriculum are the principles of technology, labor issues, community issues, health, safety, and environmental issues. Training will occur in the classroom, lab, and at actual job sites. Students will also have the opportunity to work on a Habitat for Humanity home each year. See our Photo Gallery for our previous home builds.

    Academy Coordinator: Tamara Licavoli


    Course Sequence

    9th Grade: Construction 1
    Students will explore all avenues of the Construction industry. To learn all these skills the students will build an actual building on the school's property. The students will do everything on this structure from drawing the plans to putting the roof on and painting it. All work will be done with guidance from professional experts in each trade. In this year of study, the students will design, create the blueprints, work with an engineer, and begin the permitting process on their building. Students will also receive OSHA, NCCER and First Aid Certifications.

    10th Grade: Construction 2
    In this course the student will continue to build on skills learned in Construction I. We will continue to explore all possible future Construction Careers. Students will experience more field trips, guest speakers, and continue to work on the schools project building. Students will receive CPR, advanced OSHA and advanced First aid training. Students will finish the permitting process, work with an estimator, learn project scheduling, excavate, form, and pour concrete foundation for their building.

    11th Grade: Construction 3
    Students will experience even more hands on activities. They will put the walls up, install trusses, put the roof on and perform all finishing work necessary. Students will also visit more construction sites, participate in the construction rodeo, go on job shadowing activities and internships. They will also visit the apprenticeship schools and college that we have articulation agreements with.

    12th Grade: Construction 4
    Students will continue to experience hands-on activities on a job site, implementing the skills learned in the previous three academy courses. They will also continue to investigate apprenticeship opportunities and other post-secondary education options.

    No eligibility requirement
    4 year academy
    Recommended Elective: Drafing/AutoCAD
    Curriculum: HBI focus on Residential Construction
    Builds 1 house per year for Habitat for Humanity
    15 Students placed in jobs by the time they graduated in May 2022