Pre-Law Academy

  • LS Swain MS Pre-Law Academy logoThe Pre-Law A is a three-year program that will provide all students with:

    • Hands-on, cutting-edge program within a courtroom setting that addresses the energy and interest of middle school students
    • Pre-Law studies  concepts studied both in law and criminal justice.
    • Instruction by Farah Francois-Upperman and Detective Albert Lopez. 
    • Opportunities to interact with professionals , juvenile justice, law enforcement, and criminal forensics. 
    • The curriculum provides project-based learning and a hands-on approach that is exciting and fun for middle school students. 
    • The L. C. Swain Pre-Law Academy will prepare students for any number of high school programs, including Criminal Justice and Pre-Law Academies. 
    • Students will participate in fingerprinting lab, mock trials, study case law, Law Day, Constitution Day, along with building Speech and Debate skills.
    • Students have the opportunity to receive a High School credit in Law Studies upon completion of the academy.

      Students inside the Pre-Law Academy at L.C. Swain Middle School know first-hand the power of activism. The students asked the mayor of Greenacres to create a school speed zone in front of their school. Thanks to their determination, the speed zone has been approved.