Club Stallion After School Program

  • CLUB STALLION AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM is a free program open to students of all grade levels.  The program is held Monday through Thursday after school from 4:05 - 5:30 pm.  Through this program, students can receive homework help and participate in group activities. Registration forms can be found below.

    Club Stallion Director
    Jarvis Roman

    Registration Form
    Registration form-English
    Registration form-Spanish
    Registration form-Creole

    Please complete the above form and
    • Email the registration form to
    • Drop off the form at the Front Office
    • Turn in the form to Mr. Roman, Afterschool Directions
    **The new registration form includes a registration fee section. You will not be charged to register your child for Afterschool. You may leave that section blank, but everything else must be filled out in its entirety.

    For information on our Morning Program: STALLION LEARNING ZONE please visit 

    Note: After School Programs Are Closed on PDD Days, District Holidays (often-times the afternoon prior), and additional Days Based on Principal and Director Approval.  Prior Notice Will Be Given Through Parent Link, Morning & After School Announcements, and via Social Media. 

    SY24 Afterschool Clubs

    Outdoor Games Club (Monday to Thursday): Jodilyn Duggan & Luis Mejia
    Description: Students will have the opportunity to participate in outdoor games such as basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and kickball.

    Robotics Club (Tuesday/Thursday): Marc Lane & Humberto Guerra Pinon
    Description: The Robotics Club will allow students to engage in coding, programming, and engineering. Students can participate in out-of-school competitions by representing the LC Swain Robotics Team.

    STEM Club (Wednesday): Lovely Jean Joubert
    Description: This club is offered as a partnership with The Urban League of Palm Beach County. Students will be able to participate in class projects that cover the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As part of the partnership, students will be able to attend Afterschool Field Trips that take them to places such as Manatee Bay, Cox Science Center, and Universal, all paid for by The Urban League of Palm Beach County. This club promotes an environment of creativity in hopes of influencing our future engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.

    Board Games Club (Monday to Thursday): Christina Wester
    Description: Students will engage in friendly competition with board games such as Mancala, UNO!, Checkers, Chess, Connect Four, and many more. This club serves as an area for students to engage in team-building exercises that focus on strategy and comradery.