Dress Code

  • Uniform Shirts:

    Green, yellow, white, black or Dri-Fit (black only) L.C. Swain school shirts including various athletic and club-sponsored shirts that are ONLY sold at L. C. Swain Middle School. Shirts will be sized to the student. Shirts may not be altered or defaced in any way and must be worn in a proper fashion. L.C. Swain shirts must be worn and visible at all times while at school. The Physical Education uniform is only to be worn during PE class.


    Pants & Capris must be Docker Style Shorts & Skirts must be knee length. Sweatpants: (solid colors only)
    Solid colors: khaki, gray, black, navy/midnight blue. No white pants or neon colors. No variations of colors are allowed.

    • NO jeans, except black jeans. Students will have the opportunity to earn jeans days based on attendance, punctuality, and adherence to the dress code.
    • NO prints or plaids.
    • NO writing, pictures, or designs.
    • NO alcoholic / drug / gang symbols. ***
    • NO baggy, oversized bottoms, and/or sagging pants. (In accordance with Florida State Law SB228: Undergarments shall not be visible .. ***)
    • Pants must be worn at the waist and students should wear a belt if needed.***
    • NO camouflage/basketball shorts.***
    • NO holes, cutouts, and/or shredded material at any time.***
    • NO pants that are stuffed into the socks or bound with a rubber band. ***
    • NO leggings, jeggings, or yoga style pants.

    *** The rule ALSO applies for "d ress down" days. Dress code on "dress down" days will be circulated on fliers. announcements,
    website, and social media.

    Student ID's
    Students will receive a school issued identification and a school lanyard. ID's must be worn at all times and be visible
    around the student's neck.

    Closed toe shoes with backs. No sandals, slides, house slippers, flop-flops, Croc style shoes or high heels. (Special consideration will be given for fieldtrips )

    NO hats, bandanas, and any other form of headwear or grooming items. No grills permitted.

    Electronic Devices/Prohibited Items
    Electronic devices, including accessories, such as earbuds, AirPods and headphones should NOT be visible or in use on campus during instructional time (unless as part of the teacher's lesson plan), lunches, or in the hallway. No wireless speakers of any kind are permitted on campus. Fidget spinners, toys, and/or sporting equipment (i.e., basketballs, etc.) are not permitted. Confiscated electronic devices, including accessories, are sent to the grade level office to be picked up by a parent or guardian.

    Clear or mesh backpacks ONLY. All backpacks must be see-through.

    Pullovers/hoodies are only permitted if it is L.C. Swain pullover/hoodie. School shirts may not be completely covered - jackets must remain unzipped and hoods off for student identification. NO blankets are allowed at school.

    Anything not specifically addressed in this Dress Code Policy may not be worn. Final decisions regarding all dress code compliance issues will be made by administration.