Choice Programs - Art Houses of Plumosa

  • During the 2022-2023 school year, we embarked on a new journey as it pertains to campus life and culture. Our principal, Mrs. Ronda Smith and the administrative team have nurtured and developed our version of a recently popular method in schools nationwide that focuses on positive behavior, restorative justice and Positive Reinforcement for Student Success!

    We have taken our Choice Programs and entangled them with our Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS); as well as borrowing a successful concept that has been around for centuries, primarily in European Education, known well as a House System, and made it our own!

    Dance - The Haus of Aasir

    The Dance program is designed to develop technically proficient dancers who are versatile, thoughtful, and inquisitive. Students will have the opportunity to study and gain competitive skills in the fine art field of dance. Students will develop fundamental skills and technique in ballet, a variety of modern and jazz styles, and cultural dances while exploring movement terminology, musicality, choreographic concepts and dance theory.

    Visual Arts / Digital Graphic Design / Digital Media - The Haus of Kroma

    The Visual Arts program encourages students to create imaginative visual expressions, develop an artistic voice, and take creative risks. Students learn technical and problem solving skills while exploring a wide array of media.

    The Digital Graphic Design program is a unique sequence of courses that enables students to identify, analyze and create various forms of graphic art. The curriculum is highly project–based and designed to prepare students for high school graphic design academies. Students are introduced to the latest versions of graphic design software used in the professional industry, including: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, and InDesign CS6. A wide array of tools are used to produce logos, labels, icons, advertising graphics, brochures, posters, presentation boards, photo enhancements, and SLR/Digital Photography

    Digital Media is an introduction to Digital Graphic Design intended for grades 3-5 students. Using computers and iPads, students create art and multimedia presentations on a variety of topics while learning how to collaborate and problem solve. 

    Television Production - The Haus of Liberte'

    Students will learn the fundamentals of journalism, story–boarding, scripting, lighting, and equipment set up. Students will demonstrate an understanding of control room operations, such as super–imposing, operating internal key sources, chroma key applications, and altering key colors. Students will also demonstrate an understanding of video editing skills by learning hands–on with professional non– linear editing software. This program will be journalism intensive the first year so that students have a strong writing background, before moving to skills regarding camera systems, operations, sound, graphics, editing, lighting and staging during the second year. The final year will involve hands on, team oriented experiences with production as the goal. This strong writing and production program will support rigor in academic Language Arts courses and link to the content of two IT courses.

    Music - Band - The Haus of Sonus

    The Band program centers on building a solid foundation of musical knowledge. Connections with history, culture, technology, and art are reinforced with a varied curriculum to develop fundamental musicianship, technical skills, and aesthetic awareness all while developing a well-rounded student, a lifelong music lover, consumer and participant.

    Music - Keyboard/Piano - The Haus of Chopin

    Students in the Keyboard/Piano program will master note reading, understanding basic theory and its application at the keyboard/piano. Students will learn to develop good practice habits, play with a steady rhythm, good technique and posture. Students in this program will receive instruction in solfege, sight reading and ear training. Students have performed in important venues such as Steinway, and Merkin Hall, NY City, and in State Conferences such as MTNA, CMS and FMEA.

    Music - Orchestral Strings - The Haus of Charis

    The Orchestral Strings program is a unique program providing an instrumental music education designed specifically for dedicated young orchestral musicians.

    Music - Vocal - The Haus of Chanticleer

    This program provides a music education designed for young vocalists. Students will learn about proper vocal technique and performing in a choir through topics such as ear training (sight singing), diction, proper breath support, music history, music theory, expression, and performance musicianship and etiquette. Students will be taught with a classical style approach, and will also have the opportunity to learn about and be exposed to many styles of music.

    Theatre - The Haus of Loli'Ana

    The program is designed to give students a well-rounded understanding of professional theatre roles, from acting to theatrical design to playwriting to directing and stage management.

    **Please Note: Due to our nature as a Performing Arts School, Plumosa School of the Arts K-8 does not offer any athletics or sports programs at the present time.**