The Haus of Aasir - Dance

  • Andree Pun, Head of House Dance Crest

    My Philosophy: Why teach Children’s Dance and what are the benefits?  
    Children can use dance to express and communicate their ideas and feelings.  Dance builds coordination, grace; develops self-esteem, self-concept and awareness, enhances focus, concentration and observational skills.  Many professional athletes take dance classes for the psychomotor and cognitive benefits.

    About our House

    Our House Colors: Red, Teal and Violet
    House Mascot: Cardinal

    These are traits that every member of the Haus of Sonus should possess and display at all times, on or off campus. These are the traits we live by: 
    Passion~ Creativity~ Courage~ Strength

    Our House Motto:  “Our bodies, The Instruments! Our Movement, The Art! Our Goal and Our Mission, To Captivate Their Hearts!”

    The K-2nd Grade Curriculum will include:

    • Dance classroom etiquette  Proper stretching technique taught through themed based concepts (turtle hides in his shell)
    • Directions (up stage, down stage, front, back & side, high, low & middle, right & left)
    • Basic ballet barre and center taught through theme based concepts (weight transfer, balances, plie’, eleve’, tendu, degage’, sauté, feet and arm positions, point and flex feet)
    • Movement across the floor, and learning to keep time (count) with music: Claps, snaps, walks, marches, runs, skips, gallops, slides, turns, run and leap
    • Social, seasonal and cultural dances including theme based dance combinations.

    The 3-5th Grade Curriculum will include: 

    • Structured ballet, jazz & tap classes (dressing in formal dance attire)  Level II students will review level I material and progress into more advanced steps. They will move through 1-5 feet and arm positions
    • Jumps: Glissade, assemble’, jete, pas de chat will be added
    • Single pirouettes, chaine turns and preparation for pique’ turns
    • Ballet variations and jazz combinations appropriate to the level I or II student
    • Prepare students to audition for a middle school of the arts program

    I look forward to introducing and teaching your child about… the Magical World of Dance!

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