The Haus of Liberte' - Multimedia and Television Production

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    Welcome to TV Production with Mr. Beaufrere

    Students will learn the basics of television production and produce content for a daily morning news show.

    No matter what level of television knowledge they have, by the end of the year, all students will have the ability to produce, direct, anchor, and operate all of  the equipment in the TV studio. Students will also develop special projects through creative writing, filming, reporting, and video editing. By the end of the school year, all students will have learned how to thrive in the fast-paced world of television news.

    Just like professional journalists, all students in this class will be required to keep up with current events. Outside of class, they should watch the news, research stories on the Internet, and be on the lookout for content that  students will  find interesting.

    Students will work on preparing for the next day’s news. Students may have one or more projects that they are working on at once and learn the art of multitasking in this class. Students who practice good multitasking skills will excel in this class. show and learn to produce video segments. The show follows a similar format as a regular newscast, such as giving breaking news, weather, and what’s going on in our community. Students in this class will act as the “eyes and ears” to make sure everyone knows what’s happening at Plumosa!